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Can the use of AI-generated content impact search rankings?

What are the factors behind the organic traffic drop?


AI is commonly used to generate content. Nowadays it is considered one of the best options to create content easily. However, most marketers think that AI-generated content will affect search rankings. In this context, Brandlabz, a digital marketing agency in Kerala, will discuss how useful AI-generated content is. 

Content is king in digital marketing. So every market was struggling to create content. That’s why AI has become popular among marketers. However many of them think that AI content will affect search rankings. 


Google makes it clear that AI-generated content will not affect the search rankings. If the content is helpful, original, and relevant, it will not affect search rankings. Google is more focused on the quality of the content rather than how you produce it. 


Google ranks the content that has qualities called E-E-A-T: expertise, experience, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Therefore using AI to create content that meets these qualities will be beneficial for you to rank your content. 


Advantages of AI-generated content


Speed up content creation: We can speed up the content creation process with the help of AI. It saves time and resources. Ai also gives content ideas and points to create blog posts. 


Content in multiple formats: AI can create content in multiple formats like images, videos, text, etc. Therefore we can make the content more attractive and rewrite the content to meet the needs of their audience. 


Disadvantages of AI-generated content


Limited data: Sometimes AI generates content with outdated data. Because the AI works on limited data. AI just tells us the answer to our queries, they never cross-check the answers. We should cross-check the information, if we use AI content.


Duplicate content: AI generates almost the same content for the same queries. Google identifies the content as unoriginal while crawling , If we directly use the AI content without any changes.

Low-quality content: Expertise said that AI produces low-quality and spammy content. It will negatively affect our search rankings. So if we use AI content, we should also rewrite this with our knowledge. 


No emotional appeal: AI-generated content can be informative and relevant for the users. But it does not have a human touch. Because of this, the users aren’t very interested in reading this content.


Google ranks AI-generated content if it meets Google’s guidelines. But should remember one thing, never copy-paste AI content, it will affect your ranking. Use AI content in a relevant manner and try to rewrite it based on your targeted audience.