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Create incredibly engaging Google Ad campaigns for your business

There are several ways to advertise your business for a fee. No matter what your budget is, you may employ this powerful marketing technique. If you are a novice in the marketing industry, BrandLabz, the best digital marketing agency in Kochi, can provide you with the best digital marketing solutions to scale your start-up. But before choosing the providers, let’s learn some essential guidelines for making powerful Google Ads and Ad Extensions. Ads Extensions for a Digital Marketing company can be, Graphic Design, Video ads, Website development, Social Media Marketing Etc. 


Google Ads gives an Ad extensions option to your Ads, this will help to expand your Google ad with additional information. When adding more information to your ad will give more visibility on the search result page. Extensions help you bring more clicks to your ad, and make your ad more engaging. Moreover, your ads have more chances to meet the user’s specific needs.  Extension ads will increase CTR (Click through Rate).

Ad extension includes different types of formats, like call buttons, links to your website, location, additional text information, and more.


Ad extensions are relevant to your business goals. Adding more information to your ad it helps to show each user’s search on a search box. This leads to getting more value from your ad. Most extension types require manual set-up; those are manual extensions, and some extensions are updated automatically by Google ads; those types of extensions are automated extensions. 

Automated Extensions

Automated ad extensions are Set-up by Google ads automatically, automated extensions will provide you predictions to improve your ads performance. Those extensions create and display it below your specific ad.


  • Dynamic Site link Extensions
  • Google Dynamic Structured Snippet Extensions
  • Automated Location Extensions and Affiliate Location Extensions
  • Dynamic Callout Extensions

Manual Extensions

When you apply the manual extension to your ads it makes more clicks to your ads. Extensions help to add more information about your business below the ad. The Information like locations, prices, additional links, and more. 

Choose relevant extensions that suit your business. The extensions are shown to improve your ad’s performance. Select your ad extension based on your advertising goal. Here are some goals and the extensions suitable for a specific goal;

  1. Get Customers to buy from your Store Location: If you have the goal that you want to attract people directly to your physical location then you have considered the following extensions.
  • Location extension: Through Location extension, you encourage users to visit your physical location by showing your location, a call button, and also a link to your company page.
  • Affiliate Location Extensions: Helps users to find retail stores that sell your product.
  • Callout Extensions: It can improve your ads by promoting specific unique offers to users. For example, 24 hours customer service, and free shipping, helps users to get detailed information. 
  1. Get Customer to Conduct You: If you want the user to call you or send a text about a query you can use call extensions.
  • Call Extension: By adding a phone number to your ads through call extension will help you increase CTR, users can tap on the call button to call you directly.
  1. Get Customers to Convert on Your Webpage: If the goal is to drive people to your website you can use the following extensions.
  • Site link Extensions: Site link extensions allow you to add more links to your ads. When some users click on those links, they can visit directly what they wish to know or buy.
  • Callout Extensions
  • Structured Snippet Extensions: When you use structured snippet extension it helps you to highlight the specific aspect of your product. It will show your ad in the form of a header. Users can easily find it by a predefined header.
  • Price Extensions: Highlights your product or services including their prices, these price extensions help the users to browse the product from the ad onwards.
  1. Get Customers to Download Apps: If you want to get users to download your company app the best extension is app extensions.
  • App Extensions: You can encourage users to download your company app. App extension allows you to provide a link in an ad, when the users click that link they will drive directly to your website or your app.
  1. Get User to submit their Information: To encourage users to submit their information such as email address, contact number, date of birth, and other details while connecting with your product or services you can use the lead form extension.
  • Lead Form Extension: Lead form extension helps you to generate information about users by letting them submit details directly on ads. This Ad extension helps to find engaging users interested in your product and drive more quality traffic and sales for your business.