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How does Brandlabz Digital Marketing Agency work with Youtube SEO to rank your video?

 YouTube is the largest video platform on the web and it is also considered one of the biggest search engines after Google. It is important to optimize your content in YouTube search engine optimization. YouTube SEO is a scheme for optimizing your channel and content in videos to top up the placement in YouTube search ranking. 

 YouTube played an important role in converting videos into content format; it helps with consumption and SEO for YouTube channels.

YouTube organizes all the content to the YouTube search engine, the users always search to get videos based on their interests. YouTube video ranking will help to rank the best content for every search.

As social media promoters, for better YouTube optimization, you should adopt strategies to appear on top in YouTube video ranking, for that we are using YouTube SEO strategy. You can achieve a higher ranking with “BrandLabz” the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Kochi. 

BrandLabz is one of the best Digital Marketing Agencies in Kochi and offers a complete strategy for video SEO. This includes channel optimization, in which our marketing company tweaks your video channel or sites to make them easier to find and prioritize over competing content by search engines.

How does YouTube search engine optimization work for YouTube video ranking?

When a user searches for a term on YouTube, the robots scroll all channels and videos to deliver the best result for a specific search. To determine the best result for each search, YouTube video ranking also considers channel engagement and YouTube optimization criteria for a good result.

Videos with proper title, description, and tags will have better placement in search ranking than one that doesn’t have them.

Channels having more engagement with likes and comments will have a better position in search ranking.

The integration between Google SEO and YouTube video SEO, when a user searches keywords in Google the search engine shows video content related to search from YouTube and other video platforms. So YouTube optimization also competes for the space in Google search ranking.


 Let’s discuss tips for effective YouTube SEO that help to improve search results.

1.YouTube Keyword Research: Keywords are important for YouTube SEO, YouTube keywords help to search video titles, and tags and scroll the content with users’ search terms. Before you plan to upload a video you can check the search bar autocomplete to know which terms users mostly use for related term searches.

  1. Video Title: After finding the keyword you need to give the appropriate video title and make sure that keywords appear in the title, it helps to index and rank the video content. For better YouTube video ranking, titles should be as close as possible to users’ search terms. Make your title more concise and reach your video in the top position.
  2. YouTube Tags: Tags are essential for YouTube video ranking it helps to identify the content of the video and index it properly. YouTube tags drive more traffic to your videos and it is an important part of the metadata that leads to boosting your search rank.
  3. Write an effective YouTube Description: A good YouTube description should contain information about what the video is about. It helps users to find the right content, and increase video engagement. Descriptions are in two type’s one description for overall the channel and the other description for each video.
  4. Choosing File Name: When you choose the file name you can include the content’s main keyword in the file name because it matters for YouTube SEO. If you are uploading a video with keywords in the file name search engines can identify the file and what the video is about.
  5. Increase Audience Engagement: When users interact with your video and take an action on your page or videos, it is great for ranking strategy. The most important engagement action like comments, likes, and sharing videos can help YouTube’s SEO ranking.
  6. Thumbnails for Video: A good thumbnail for your YouTube video will make people want to watch the video. It also makes a good impression on video, and increases the traffic and watch time for your video.
  1. Increase Audience retention: Through audience, retention gives an outcome of how much of your videos are actually viewed by users. If you increase your retention rate it helps with SEO ranking.
  2. YouTube analytics: Analytics help to understand your YouTube channel performance with reports in YouTube studio. It helps to know about watch Time, CTR, Traffic sources, Unique viewers, and Subscriber growth. Those metrics help to know about your customer.