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Increase your ROI with the right Google Ads bid strategy

One of the best Digital Marketing Companies in Kochi-BrandLabz is a good place to start, In order to increase your return on investment with the ideal Google Ads bid strategy, you may still want professional help.

For managing bids, there are numerous bidding choices and more automation. These more recent automated bidding techniques weren’t always successful at generating results, but they’ve gone a long way and have a lot to offer when it comes to achieving the objectives of your campaign.


Google ads offer several ways to bid on your ads, you can choose the bidding process based on your product and service of business and ad campaign goal.

Most Google advertising focuses on clicks, impressions, conversions, and views for the video. When advertising in Google ads you should remember the goal in mind for your ad. For example, if you are selling food items, maybe you want to attract more people to visit your shop. If you are running a consultancy, maybe the goal is to get more people to submit forms for your newsletter. Knowing what you want to do with your ads, will help you to decide how to bid and which bidding method you have to choose.

Google Ads will run an auction when ad space is available. Ad space may be in a search result, in a blog, on sites for news, and on some other pages. Through this auction, Google ads decide which ads have to show in that ad space. Your bid will help to put your ad in the auction, depending on the campaign type you have to choose a suitable goal type for your bidding.


Focus on clicks will help you to bid for search and display ads. If the goal of your ads is to drive more people to visit your website, you can focus on clicks. Using the CPC (cost per click) bidding you show your ads to more users and you only need to pay if someone clicks and enters your site.


If your ad campaign is targeting search networks with the goal to increase brand visibility, you can consider using target impression share. By choosing this bidding strategy Google ads automatically set the bids and it will help you to achieve your impression share goal.

Instead of PPC if your campaign is targeting a display network you only need to pay for the number of times your ad is visibly shown in the network, this is cost per thousand viewable impressions (VCPM) bidding. You pay for every 1,000 times your ads appear and are viewable on the network, also in viewable CPM you can set bids at the ad groups level and for individual placements.


Conversion will occur when users click or do other interactions with your ads that are valuable to them, such as purchase, sign-up, forms submission, download, or phone call.

Through this advanced bidding method, you are able to fix the amount that you’re willing to pay for the conversion or we say it is the cost per action (CPA). A target CPA helps to take action by users that you want to happen on your website. It may be an email sign-up or some other action. Google ads will also help you to set your bids automatically to get possible conversions at the cost per action you specified.


If you are doing ads for video content, your main goal is to evaluate how users are engaged with your video, from where they choose to watch your videos, and when users drop off from your video content, those things are done by CPV (cost per view) bidding. In CPV bidding you will pay for views and video interactions, such as CTA (call to action), banners, or cards.

When setting up your true view video campaign you can enter the highest bid price that you are willing to pay for a view, this bid is called your maximum CPV bid or max CPV. A bid can apply at the campaign level and you can also set CPV per ad format.


Effective bidding for your ads will help you to get top in Google online auction for particular ad space. This will help to achieve your campaign goal and bring more traffic and results. But beware of one thing, if you don’t know about bidding or you have no idea about which bidding is accurate for your ads will badly affect you. It will not give a proper return for your bidding money.

In such situations, you can choose the best digital marketing consultancy for your Google advertising.

You’re probably right if, after reviewing all the various bid strategies, you conclude that more than one would be a suitable fit for your company.

On an individual basis, BrandLabz can assist you in reducing the possibilities and choosing the best bidding approach which is one of the best Digital Marketing Companies in Kochi. As a premier marketing company, we provide clients in numerous industries with a wide range of PPC management and consulting services.