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LinkedIn carousels are a sort of interactive content that includes several slides. Although carousels can display photos, the majority comprise a series of graphics that include text, images, photos, screenshots, and infographics. Users can view the information in its entirety by swiping (on mobile) or scrolling (on desktop). Brandlabz digital marketing agency in Kochi is improving our services through LinkedIn updates.


Post Ideas to Create LinkedIn Document Carousel-Style Posts


  • Start With an Eye-Catching Visual

Only the first slide of a carousel appears in the LinkedIn feed. That suggests that the first slide is in charge of attracting and retaining your audience’s attention long enough for them to scroll through. Consider it the thumbnail or cover of your content.

  • Add Branding to LinkedIn Carousels

Branding can help LinkedIn users in recognising your posts in the feed. Users will be more likely to notice your content as they scroll if you utilise the same template, colour palette, and logo or profile image in each document.

  • Create a Clear Call to Action

Determine a goal and design an appropriate call to action (CTA) for each carousel, just like you would for a link sharing, text post, or LinkedIn template. Along with putting the CTA in the caption, repeat it at the end of the document.

  • Highlight Industry Trends

You can offer your perspective and insights by analysing trends or data you’ve gathered.Brandlabz digital marketing agency in kochi always highlight industry trends . 

  • Promote an Offer

LinkedIn document posts can also be used to promote limited-time promotions. You can use them to tease, share your knowledge, or highlight the offer’s features and benefits.

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