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The top Instagram influencer marketing tools to use in 2023

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Influencer marketing can be a highly effective method of spreading a brand’s message. The mass of influencer platforms features Instagram because Instagram has become the network of choice for influencers.

Aspire (previously AspireIQ): 

AspireIQ moves beyond influencer discovery that helps marketers create campaigns, track products, and provide trackable links to sales. They recently implemented a function that allows you to track Instagram Stories. Brandlabz is a social media influencer agency that aspires to help the marketer set up the campaign and trackable sales links. 


Individuals start an influencer search with keywords and then refine the results using a variety of parameters such as audience demographics, psychographics, and discussion topic. Brandlabz is an influencer marketing agency that helps to search with keywords and improve the results on Instagram.


The individual search for engagement, targeted influencers, or social reach and target demographic using specific parameters. It is a social media influencer agency that finds targeted influencers and suitable locations for engagement.  


Brands can use any combination of keywords to find influencers on Upfluence. The individual uses audience information that include psychographic characteristics like cultural preferences and brand affinities. Brandlabz is an influencer marketing agency to find information about the audience based on cultural choices and connections with clients and businesses.


You can look for accounts that have already mentioned your company, use their audience’s geography, or use a keyword (or hashtag) to locate influencers in a particular market. 

Influencer marketing agency use the HypeAuditor tool to track ads: 

HypeAuditor provides an easy-to-use campaign tool that allows you to track the progress and performance of your Instagram ads (and YouTube). Brandlabz is a social media influencer agency that locates influencers in a market to monitor the performance of advertisements on Instagram. 

Creator. co: 

Brands opt to self-serve or work with a dedicated campaign specialist through Creator. co to develop their influencer campaigns. Their managed services include completely managed influencer marketing campaigns or social media management. It is an influencer marketing agency that manages campaigns on social media.


 It makes it simple to narrow down your search parameters. Lefty monitors Instagram Stories, as well as photos and videos. Brandlabz is a social media influencer agency that tracks photos and videos.