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Unlocking the Pros and Cons of SEO and PPC

How does digital PR benefit your brand?


Can you imagine a world without digital media, online shopping search engines, etc? The answer is NO. The digital world has emerged as an essential aspect of our everyday life. That is why businesses choose digital marketing agencies to promote their business. Digital marketing agencies use different strategies to enhance the business’s online visibility. In this blog, Brandlabz, a digital marketing agency in Kerala, discusses two powerful digital marketing: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.  

SEO means enhancing the website to get more visibility on search engine listings, Google and Bing, where people search for your product or service. It is an organic way of promoting your site.


PPC is an online advertising method to drive more website traffic. Here, the advertiser needs to pay a publisher (mostly it is search engines) when the ad is clicked by a user. 


SEO and PPC have differences at first glance. But still, there is a relation between these two. We can achieve massive success in marketing when we combine these two techniques into our business. 


Let’s check how SEO and PPC are beneficial for your digital marketing. It is a paid method of advertising. The advertiser must spend money with a publisher when the user clicks their ads. 


Based on Keyword


PPC and SEO are based on your keywords. PPC provides instant feedback to your chosen keywords. When you rank your keyword through SEO and do PPC campaigns simultaneously, you will get double visibility in your search rankings. 


Shared analytics:

PPC campaigns give an idea about the high-performing keywords and your user behaviour. This will help you create SEO Strategy, content writing, website layout, and user experience.  


The successful implementation of SEO and PPC requires well-structured planning. Here, Brandlabz, a digital marketing agency in Kerala, shares some relevant topics about PPC and SEO. 


PPC is the best option for digital marketing. It provides relevant information and immediate results. It provides valuable data and quick results. You can use these data to form your SEO strategy.

Use the data from the PPC campaign to make changes to your website and content for organic growth. It includes changes in site structure, writing a better meta description, and high-quality content. 


As two powerful digital marketing strategies, let’s check these pros and cons. 


Pros of SEO:


-SEO helps to build a long-lasting online presence.

-Once the content is optimised, organic traffic can be a cost-effective source.

-High rankings of the website boost trust among users.


Cons of SEO:


-SEO strategy is a time-consuming one. 

-Patience is key in SEO. It takes time to get a result.

-Frequent algorithm changes make them better.

-Keeping up with updates is crucial.


Pros of PPC:

-PPC provides immediate results; we will get instant visibility and traffic.

-Targeted Advertising is possible in PPC.

-We can easily track and analyze the campaign’s success.


ons of PPC:

-It is a paid method of advertising.

-Results vanish when you stop the campaign.


Both of them have their pros and cons. Choose the most suitable one for you and invest more in that. Remember, regular reviews are needed; you can change tactics based on the findings to get a better result. If you found this article helpful, connect with us to stay informed about the trends in digital marketing.